ImmortalZombie's Render-a-Day Sketchbook

I’m going to start attempting to do a render a day. These might be lower quality than most renders you see on BA but that is because of the lack of time. I’ll try to make these everyday but sometimes I might miss a day or two. Please comment ideas of what I should do.

Here is yesterday’s render:

I’m also going to use ONLY Blender/Cycles. Although I might post extras with post-pro.

Here’s today’s render!!! This project took roughly 2 hours. The leaves are pretty bad I wasn’t sure how to model them without spending hours to model each leaf so I model the basic shapes and applied an alphamapped texture of the pineapple leaves and projected them from view.

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Today’s render!!! I hope everyone goes nuts over this render!!! Ahhh, that was cheesy :slight_smile:


I fixed the pineapple today, and made a huge render.

Ok so here’s today’s render but, I cheated a little bit and did it last night… still done in 2-3 hours.

Click the render above to get rid of the blurriness

This one’s a little late but it’s still technically today :slight_smile:

Here’s my custom theme and startup file packed into a .zip folder:

Also, here’s today’s render.

This one didn’t come out so great and I didn’t feel like adding someone into the background but here it is anyway.

Great, I am following your render a day.

In such a thing you will learn to Work more efficient, so you can catch up with your day render.

Good luck.


Saif Mohamd

Thanks!!! :slight_smile: yeah it’s really getting hard to be creative with the scene, and enjoy doing it, every single day. I think it might ruin my passion for CGI for a while but hopefully in the end it will be worth it.

Sorry I missed the last couple days. Now that it’s summer I probably won’t be as consistent at doing renders.

Here’s today’s render.

Hey everyone! Check out my new deviantART account:

Loads of renders here, new and old.

My new avatar. I couldn’t find any good zombie clip art faces that I didn’t have to pay for so, I made one myself. I don’t have a drawing tablet so instead I used an drawing app on my ipod and my stylus and then uploaded to the computer, did a ton of editing in GIMP and Paint.NET and now I have this! Not the best but I like it. I couldn’t get rid of the little specks of white around the borders of the head but it’s not noticeable in an avatar/profile photo size

Can you please show the meshes of the pineapple