Immune is a game where the year is 3015 and earth is a vast wasteland full of mutated creatures and you are Sargent. Micheal Miller who was a subject in an experiment to create the ultimate super soldier. It went horribly wrong and sent your body into hibernation for over 1,000 years. In the year 3015 you wake up in a deserted lab in the middle of Nowhere and you need to find out where in time earth went wrong go there and fix it…
im8act is currently revising the storyline.
OK that’s it for now you’ll find out more as we go along.



Here’s what I have so far… I also may need a concept artist because the story needs to be refined a little more.


fpsbuild.blend (684 KB)

screenshots? :stuck_out_tongue:

why is your .blend file so large?!

and BTW, there is already a game called Hell on Earth (Doom 2)

I know but that game is called Doom 2:Hell on earth

This is just Hell on Earth
by the way I’ve played Doom 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

The blend is not large either its less than a megabyte and one gig is 1024 megs…
Halo: Combat evoled is 4 gigs.
Blcksite area 51 is 15.

That makes it even worse… the fact that you’ve played the game before, be original man!

I am original I wasn’t thinking about doom when I named it and they are two different names Doom2:hell on earth is a different name than hell on earth. and if I wanted to copy ID i’d name it just straight up doom and now I need a concept artists someone to improve the story.

haha, ok mister originality, I’ll make sure to name my game Ocarina of Time… it’s ok though, because I’m not calling it Zelda Ocarina Of Time… Nintendo will just come around with a mighty fine lawsuit against me because the name is copyrighted, no big deal though :wink:

K I get UR point
I’ll change the name to apocalypse…:stuck_out_tongue:

New V(1.4) and I havn’t had my computer for a couple of weeks now so I just did this real quick to give the game an enemy. Put it back in GLSL for best effects I just made it multitexture for people on net book’s. I know the pain I have a netbook but use GLSL when on my mac:)


apocalypsebuild.blend (719 KB)

new screenshots.


I renamed it.

Its not neccessary to add 4 new posts in 10 minutes when you can just edit your last post.

Edit - Or for that matter starting a whole new thread about the same thing as this, just for a different name.

All you are doing is potentially knocking other threads off the first page of threads unnecessary. Be courteous to other forum users.


I need a modeler open space for a modeler…

-_-, Everybody has told you this like at least 10 times.

You need to have a reason why people should join, because people are NOT going to volunteer their time, from work, school or/and family, to help someone for free unless they are interested in becoming part of the project.

Do you listen to what people say to you? Or does someone tell you:
‘Don’t listen to crit, that’s stupid, your way too smart for crit’

Take people’s advice, they give it to you for that reason.


New V using a Unihuman model. and better animation…

New idle animation:)

stop posting in one of your threads… i mean common you are double posting over and over its wasting space and you are bumping other threads down over and over again.

No More volunteers?


NEW features

A skybox
the gun shoots
muzzle flash
killable zombies
if you let them get to close they can kill you(when you die it just restarts)

Don’t worry the crosshairs image is really has alpha the render just dosn’t come out that way

Stuff I need to do
Fix the zombies physics.

A menu is there just in another scene.