iMovie Questions... Please help!

(Cujo31) #1

Hello all!

It’s me… question box again! :wink:

I just got a new G4 iMac for my classroom to use for video editting etc. I want to piece together some of the AVI files that my kids have been doing in our Blender Club and make a short animation movie in iMovie. …I kinow… I know… Blender has its own video editor but I need to learn how to use iMovie. Anyone know how the heck I can convert AVI to some sort of format compatible with iMovie? Do I need to convert it to DV (digital video format???) Any help would be MAJORLY appreciated.

By the way, I am using Mac OS X is there a Blender version available for this OS? and if so, where can I get it? Nver used Blender on a Mac before… any hints from you Mac users out there?

Thanks SO much for the help!


(RipSting) #2

I’ve never used iMovie, but the free version of Quicktime should do what you want.

Download Quicktime 5 here:

I just noticed that one of its export formats ( ) is “DV Stream”

Hope that helps!

(denzombie) #3

I movie will only accept DV format. You can use the QuickTime player to export your AVI files to DV format, but you will need to get QuickTime Pro to allow you to use the Export feature.

iMovie is a great program, but it’s a little picky about what files it will work with.


(CurtisS) #4

Hey Cujo,
To be honest with you, the free version of Blender for OSX (2.23beta) is not worth using. I work on both PC and Mac so I have tried. The OSX version had rendering problems and is just plain slow in redrawing the windows. I hear the Publisher version was much better but NaN closed down just as I was going to buy it (yes! it’s true!). If you want the OSX version anyway, let me know and I can post it for you (and anyone else who wants it).

(theeth) #5

K-Rich has the OS X version on his site:

And it’s also on PablosBrain site: