Imp _

An Imp, though he is going to be just a figurine, without colors… but here he is, in color.

This is a very interesting character, and so I’d like to offer two very specific suggestions:

  • Right now, to my eyes, the wings don’t really seem to be part of the character. For one thing, the lighting is noticeably-dark … the right shoulder is under-exposed too … and I really don’t feel that I see “convincing and distinctive musculature” – the presence of two obviously-symmetrical wings adds to [my…] sense of “falseness.”

  • A “histogram” display on this image would point out that there are relative-light-level issues: a fill-light is badly needed on the character’s left side and to balance the lighting beneath the (unexpectedly bright …) arms and (oddly very-reflective) pectoral muscles above it.

One of my “go to tools” when judging any photograph are my “cropping L’s,” (made of a picture-frame matte cut in half …), and my browser just happens to have landed-upon “another ‘crop’ worth considering.” It cuts off the figure just below the arms.

(As my photographic mentor told me, as he taught me about these tools … “very often, in any good photograph, there’s a Great photograph waiting to be cut out.”)

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll work on that.