Hi guys

this is a model and a scene I did for the recent blender guru competition. I started work a little late so I decided not to post WIP on this one; considering many opinions is great but tends to be slower. I did post a lot of progress images on twitter so check them out if you’re interested.

I think the character is quite goblin-like but I decided to call him “Imp” since it seems to allow for the broadest interpretation. I imagined a warrior like character that is basically a bad guy, very aggressive and bloodthirsty yet still somewhat likable.

This is the actual scene and props I submitted for the compensation. I went for a cinematic type of shot.

Here is another angle.

Tools used: blender and some Photoshop for textures and post.
Anything not clear, comments, critiques - let me know! :slight_smile:


Great job! I love the style. Good luck

I can only say it’s great work, I can notice the personality that you describe from the picture, really great!

Really nice work. Completely hideous. I like it!

Oxter, foxrender thanks guys, I appreaciate it!
rjshae, cheers! Yeah, he’s a meanie :slight_smile: