Impact System?

Please take a look here: (45Mb) (87Mb)

and please tellme if is possible to achieve this stunning effects in Blender?

Is possible to implement this Impact System in Blender?

holy craper…

this seems to be way more then just one aplication that achieved this effect

I dont thing so!

From :
“And this is a demo of a maxscript tool I wrote at Blur:”

I think this is a maxSCRIPT for 3DMax.

Impact System Tool v0.51
Raytraced Based Impact Detecting Algorythm
Particle System and Displacement Generator.
Technical Demonstration

Scene Solved:
-Interactive Light

total time: 25 seconds

Previous time to setup a complex shot: SEVERAL DAYS

And from Blur site we can find the same intro scene like in the daniels demoreel:

So, when a Blender python script similar to this? :wink:
I think is werry difficult (werry complicated algoritms behind this), but let be optimists. :slight_smile:

And here, another stunning effect:

This efect can be achieved using Blenders fluid?

Holy shnikeys. That was… Insane. Everybody watch this stuff! It’s amazing.

um, wow…maybe a game engine simulation?

Yikes, that’s pretty darn awesome.

Oh. wow.

Its possible to create that in blender, sure, but you’d have to be very very good and have lots of time.

holy renderengine. i’m “officially” impressed. especially his longer demo reel is really outstanding.

it looks impresive, it cna also be achieved with any other softwear if you have a lot of time on ur hands

those models probobly took him weeks to make
and all those effects had to be tweeked… no mater how u look at it or do its all ogna take a lot of mtime

Not just time but attention to detail.

Not weeks, HOURS.

Please view another time the videos and read more carefully:

Previous time to setup a complex shot: SEVERAL DAYS

This is what I`m talking about. To setup such a complex scene in few hours (using in Blender a tool similar with Impact System Tool) and not in weeks (in the traditional way).

I agree, is possible to achieve this in any (good) 3D program but in how much time? In few weeks for sore and not in a FEW HOURS using the ImpactSystem plug-in for 3DMax. From my researches I`m discovered the fact that this plug-in (Impact System Tool v0.51) is developed internally by Blur Studios and is not available for others.

Beacouse using a tool like this will be a HUGE SPEEDUP in the workflow, I`m asking if somebody with programming skills and knowledge can make such a think for Blender. Is possible to achieve this using Python scripts?

I just watched the first video and come on, guys!! The only thing you see is the fast action and violent camera movement. Sure, nice models, texturing, animation and so, but the guy had to stop the friggin’ video just to be able to show you his whizbang effects!!! Now I’m sure it saved him time versus setting all the effects up manually, but that would be just a small part of the total movie work! The movie would probably be practically of the same quality if this maxscript had not been used!!

the demo reel (second link) is…WoW…

My face ->

My Jaw ->


Not weeks, HOURS.[/QUOTE]
He probably didn’t make any of those models. He created the effects, as part of a bigger team at Blur working on these shorts/game cinematics. The effects are just a small part of the whole thing, but of course quite important in game cinematics where stuff gets shot or blown up left and right.

And yeah, Blur produces some very impressive stuff :).

Perhaps I’m being a bit optimistic… but looking at the impact system video I think that once my particles are fully up & running a similar controll system could be quite easy todo in python for example :slight_smile: it’s really just about automatically setting up multiple particle systems… the adaptive subdivision is another thing… but decals & reactor particles could get us very far allready…

Just a glimmer of hope for all you drooling people :slight_smile:

I can actually see that coming. Now that you mention it, my mind is scheming up all kinds of new ways to do stuff. Jahka, your work on the particles is brilliant.

BlackBoe: Thanks! And if you come up with ideas for particles functionality be sure to get them to me as I’m still constantly adding in new stuff!

And all you others too ideas this way!

Contact & particles info at

I have one ideea for the particle system. I dont know, but I hope is possible to implement a particle system who can generate this kind of art:

I sowit something simmilar a long time ago, and the pictures was generated using only particles (millions of them). Maybe also an option to animate this.

Jahka, I love you man!:smiley: