Imperator Furiosa

My second likeness attempt, tribute to Imperator Furiosa, with a very high frecuency details, and it also was a pretext to test my new addon for Blender I’m working on (zRef), that aids to use photographic references in digital sculpting within Blender.

I hope she really looks like Charlize Theron, I still need to improve my sculpting.

Very good sculpting! Congratulations!

Really impressive, totally looks like her!

Thank you very much DomenicoD’Alisa and Little_Bernard for your kind words.

Great job mate!
Looks really good.

Brilliant work on the sculpt and details. The high frequency detail is excellent. Would you mind sharing how you did it? Was it sculpted or did you paint a bump map? Did you do it all in blender or did you use zBrush?
I would like to know about zRef too.
OK, I guess that’s enough requests. :slight_smile:

The only critique I have is that the cut off shoulders make the piece look unfinished which is a shame. You can either give her some cloths or make the lower part look like unsculpted clay or something.

Thank you very much IkariGendo.

Hi ToshiCG, everything was entirely sculpted in Blender, with alpha in brushes for sculpt high frecuency details, no bump mapping was used, neither baked before render, I was trying to push blender to its limits, to show that blender can adquire great level of detail like zbrush does, only Blender used, oh, and krita to make the background used in the final render, I just wanted to make a likeness practice, thats why I only sculpt the bust, I focus only in the face ,no shoulders because of that, maybe I add them in a future project, thanks for your critics, I appreciate them a lot, sorry for my english. If you need more info about the process feel free to ask, regards my friend.