Imperial Navy

Some of you may remember my Skies of Bespin image. I decided to resurect it, and apply some new blender features, some new textures, some new skills and I still wasn’t happy with it.

I did however come up with this render that post-proced in Corel Photo-Paint 11:

A good dose of CnC is reccomended by 4 out of five Dittoheads.

looks great to me dittohead, strong image, modelling and lots of energy. nice work

Great image…but you need to get your spellchecker out :smiley:


great image. very convincing!



Thanks man!

Image updated.

Very nice Dittohead! The render/post processing is excellent. This looks like a frame from a SW film :slight_smile:


Thanks guys!

Robertt: whoa…not that good :expressionless:

[email protected]: The BG uses one of your sky images, but it’s not ver visiable because of the addition layer :stuck_out_tongue:

I looked at it and the imperial march started playing in my head. Can’t get it to stop since then. That gotta mean something :slight_smile:

doesnt Navy imply vessels at sea? Or is that just my american inpretation?

But excelent image by the way. Very energetic.

come on Erufailon, did you have to get that stuck in my head?
and no, the navy can apply to anything it want’t to, maybe that is where that branch of the empire started off, or maybe “navy” means both Air force and navy, and the army is the other stuff.
nice pic, i like it.

Awesome! Looks very real.

good job!


Wow. Great details and final image!

great pic, and btw navy is only applicable to sea or space, its always been that way… ground forces are army (although there are army air force support units) the reason ties are impirial navy if their key role is as space sup[iriority fighters rather than atmospheric fighters as we have now. or they would simply be air force (air forve not being applicable to space because well there is no air :P)

Spaceship thats where I think it comes from. Anyway, nice pic, no crits from me.

I actaully thought that for a while until I really thought about it. In star wars books and games Imperial Navy comes up often. Navy in it’s sense doesn’t mean sea going vessels, though that’s how it’s been made out to be for quite some time. Because Air Force doesn’t really make sense (space is huge, like the seas are huge so you need large capital ships to move great distances, large gunships to fire onlarge carriers and large carriers with strike craft to destroy other strike craft and gunships) they use “navy”.

Thanks for the comments guys!

Cool, very nice image. Lots of energy and movment came though very well. It looks like they’re just flying away from a big explosion. :stuck_out_tongue:


I dont usually do in the one word comments, but this one deserve it :


Zgm-html, your signature rocks. I told my sister the hoe down one she died laughing. YOU KILLED MY SISTER! THANK YOU LOL! :smiley:

Great image!
I really like images that impart drama.