Impervious is the second game that I have decided to create. It is my goal to market and sell this game, as well as proving to the blender foundation that Blender Game Engine should always be considered when it comes to future releases of the Blender software. Thanks to the Blender Game Engine, and the great community that has sprung into existence because of it, a single man’s hopes and aspirations of becoming the CEO of his very own independent studio are not only dream, but are becoming a very achievable reality…


  1. Rifles

  2. Ragdolls

  3. Jetpack

  4. Telekinesis

  5. 0 gravity

  6. Destructible Structures

  7. Black Holes


Looks interesting dude, nice work so far!

Wow, the video is pretty cool, nice work! :slight_smile:
You can attach videos into posts by the way by clicking the filmstrip icon.

Done! and it looks like im still gettin adsense money too!! WHAT!?

Cool! How long is the game? and what’s the price? it looks really fun! and what about online multiplayer?

In the release of this video marks the beginning of my level design and more “artsy” ventures for the game. And price? Im still contemplating really (definitely not $60.00). This game will only be singleplayer, however there is a multiplayer predecessor which is also currently in development. My question to you is, how much money do you think a game like this would be worth?

Wow!! The gameplay mechanics are so awesome!! Put some more eyecandy and this is going to be epic…
btw those buildings are always rigidbody blocks or what? Coz they look like quite a memory eating setup…

love it, i love the telekinesis and the slo mo floating blocks… would love to know how

Great work indeed!
A few notes though:

  1. I think the player is way too powerful for the game to be fun! Maybe you should tone down telekinesis, like allow the player to break a few columns and let the building crumble. To add to the difficulty of the game. Also don’t forget dust particles and ground-shaking effects

  2. Despite the fact that he’s already almost immortally godlike, the jet pack makes him fly! Making him jump would be more realistic, because of the power consumption. I’d make it a sort of kinetic jump pack.

  3. You already know, make you graphics as good as you can, this game will rock with that! Animations, FX and models can add a lot to the game play. Example, he fires the TK and BH too effortelessly. If a device is used for them, a sort of power up animation and delay could be used.

  4. Your foes could be a bit harder to kill, Giant robots, Iron men, and the likes, dudes with barriers and shields. The more challenging they are, the more time one spends in a level, and then you can make your levels smaller and more appealing!

Most of the initial work is done, you can now spend some time polishing , building levels, adding interesting missions, etc.

Of course not lol…as you can see, if you look closely, the domino structures are dynamically generated.

  1. Yes the player is WAYY to powerful, or Impervious as I like to say…However, the game wont start out like this, you will obtain these powers throughout the campaign.

  2. Theres no way im ditching the jetpack!!! Ive put way too much time into debugging its functionality. However, there will be limits in place for it EX: the amount of fuel it contains.

  3. I understand. But Ill add the icing when Im done with the cake…

  4. the enemies you saw in the video will not be the only ones :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input, man. It helps me with ideas…

  1. Theres no way im ditching the jetpack!!! Ive put way too much time into debugging its functionality. However, there will be limits in place for it EX: the amount of fuel it contains.

The idea was to limit it-s usage, so the player wont be flying to the end of the level, so see how the next one looks like!

  1. the enemies you saw in the video will not be the only ones

Obviously not! I was just throwing some ideas!

Thanks for your input, man. It helps me with ideas…

As long as it helps!

Nice work,

What about having the “Hero” be invincible, but the enemies slow you down… and have time based gameplay mechanics?

like save the lady before the train runs her over type suspense??

So, enemies latch onto you if they get to close and you have to shake them off?
Shoot globs of sticky goo?
undermine puzzle solving?
build obstacles?

that’s a good idea. Like maybe have enemies with an EMP ability that prevents the use of TK or something

does anybody think that my game has a chance on kickstarter? and if so, how much should the funding goal be?

Honestly? No, or at least not yet. Maybe if you improved the textures / overall graphics so it’s more visually appealing. The core mechanics are cool, but the graphics aren’t great. Your game reminds me of CellFactor Psychokinetic Wars, in terms of gameplay mechanics and abilities, but it doesn’t meet the graphics standard of that game. So I find it un-likely many people will back your game as-is, but good luck.

Your game is looking great, but if you don’t know how much your funding goal should be (even an estimate), then you shouldn’t be even considering crowd funding. What would the money be used for? Throwing money at something is not the best idea unless you really really need to. Especially if its not actually your money and comes from crowd sourcing.

I don’t see any sort of design document for your game, or a plan or anything that indicates you are ready to really push development with more money. It would just be another failed kick starter campaign. Don’t mean to poop on your dreams, but go look at the quality of the ideas that make it on kickstarter. They have been well thought out, planned and re-planned. I’m not saying your game hasn’t been well thought out, but asking if your game should be on kickstarter without mentioning a reason why, says to me that you haven’t done much planning.

But that doesn’t mean to say your game won’t benefit from crowd funding in the future, I just think doing it now would be premature.

I think that if you find a unique style and apply it to the models in the game and I can guarantee you that lots of people will be interested and will be supporting and funding your game.

So summarized improve the models and textures of the game models also add some more assets and improved environment textures for example since you like flying with the jet make lots of air combat and create lots of enemies which float in the air and also sci-fi floating platforms.
As far as I can see the gameplay and mechanics are very impressive.
Maybe you could add more features such as riding floating motorbikes like in ARGO Online or add a character inventory in which you can select the guns or weapons which you want the character to be equipped with also add some NPCs to make the game more alive.

If you do choose to start a kickstarter you are the only person who can accuratly decide on the goal. You’ll have to make a budget and timeline for your project and beable to stick to it.

So all I gota do is put the icing on the cake!? with the cherry on top?