Implement features request forum

It’s a bit inappropriate to move feature request to the support forum, really they do not belong there at all. Just polluting the support forum.

I suggest that you make a forum for feature requests so users can post their dreams there. If devs never look there who cares, at least the forum can make sense when people post requests or proposals and discuss them.
Request threads will always pop up no matter how many dreaming users get shot down and told that no-one cares about their idea.

Would recommend that this forum would have a rating or preferably “like/+1” system and a method to sort the forum threads by the popularity.

Yes that is what like Blenderstorm was (but much less complicated), but here (BA) is the bulk of the Blender active community users and at least decent spam protection.

Also as its not often known there is a Blender mailing list from which is called bf-funboard which is apparently specifically for feature requests.