Implementing .bvh to a rigify rig

Hello everyone ! I have trouble with implementing mine .bvh into mine human character rig. I wonder if someone could do some volunteer and would like a try ? If it’s wrong .bvh or mine character was not probably rigged. I have no idea, i am trying to figure it out for a lot of time not to mention condition of overheated 6years laptop.
Thanks for all of your advices.

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what is exactly your problem. I tried to copy some rotation constraints and its working. But the the bones of your bvh rig in edit and object mode are not at the same position, so you have to apply a changing position in pose mode, the consequence is a wrong starting point for your animation. But its working.

The charakter Rigify rig is ok, but for testing you should turn off all subdivision (and you dont need two subdv. modifier on one object…its the same like the option -view 2- in 1 subdv. modi.:eyebrowlift2: ) modifier,colission and cloth simulation. also hide your charakter and test only with the rigify.

thanks for reply, even i implement some of .bvh file, at least i think so, my character stays in place. When i tried to implement mine own .bvh from attachments into simple new added rig it just have legs broken?! how to change starting point for animation ?
What do you mean by “so you have to apply a changing position in pose mode, ? :)”
how to do that ?