Implementing expression deformations with shape keys....

Hey everyone…

Before I take a stab at the next aspect of my first model, I would like to make certain I’m headed in the correct direction.

The expressions in my character are best implemented by changing the shape of the eye-socket… ( in this case a lattice over the eye socket shape ).

So…Best practice to implement this would be shape keys… ( If I’m wrong stop me now… if I’m right -read on )

If this is the case, I am looking for Tutorials that are basic -VERY basic. All I have seen get complicated in a BIG hurry -not complicated really, just introducing 5 new concepts I have yet to touch. I’m not impatient -if implementing this involves studying five other subjects in depth first… no problem. What my problem is -is figuring out all the subjects making up this process in the first place.

Can someone break this down for me?

There is a video on but i’ll be if I can it (or anything)…

Something like toon eyes???

“Best practice” doesn’t seem to be a Blender thing. Some people would use bones; I would use shape keys for this because I wouldn’t know how to use bones!

So, you know how to use shape keys, right? “Object Data”=>Shape Keys=>plus sign twice, then Edit the new shape.

Then where it says “Default” at the top, switch to the Animation Screen Layout.
Find the Dope Sheet, and switch that to ShapeKey Editor. And then just slide your values as you want.

That’s the basics, I think. So I assume you know that. If you’re still confused at this point, let me know and I can make a quick CamStudio tut to put on Vimeo.

But really, maybe you should go through a training series, like the Alien series on CGCookie. And, no, I can’t find anything on CGCookie anymore, either, since they changed their look…

But, hey, if you prefer to just jump in and try things, Blender works that way too. Like if you can figure out how the ShapeKeys work, you can probably figure out how to make Vertex Groups.

Happy blending!