import 16 bit .sgi sequence

Hi there,

I’d like to use blender for preview editing, but our production-pipeline uses 16bit .sgi images. Blender loads them, but displays black frames only (8 bit works fine though).
Is there a way to get Blender to work with 16 bit .sgi?


could anybody point me to the source-file where sgi-reading is implemented? that would be a great start :slight_smile:
i will see what i can do from there…


mmmhhh… still nobody?

try to rename the files to .rgb and see if it works.

thanks, but renaming to .rgb doesn’t work.
Isn’t anybody out there who who can tell me, where I can find the passage in the source-code?

try perhaps to ask on the forum …

hi, thanks for the example file.
I tried many things to get this working.
Blender is not the only program that has trouble with .sgi format.
Programs tested,
Inkscape: Won’t open.
IrfanView: Opens but is a poor conversion. 8bit?
Xnview: Opens but cannot save properly. no sgi save?
Gimp: Success!
So I opened your sample .sgi with Gimp.
Then I saved the file with “No Compression”
The nice image then imported/opened in uv/image editor in Blender correctly. (hopefully in 16bit!)
Unfortunately, this means you would need to Batch convert your files first before importing into Blender.
I know a workaround is not what you really need, but often in CG,
workarounds are needed to simply get the job done.
I do hope this helps.

As for adding support for this in Blender, you could still file a bug report, that Blender won’t open your file correctly.

Best Wishes.
btw, cool reflections in the image. =)

Edit, running the image through Gimp also fixed some of the problems in the other Image Programs.

Hi, and thanks for your efford!
Atm I do the batch-converting workaround (I was hoping to get rid of it though). Gimp is not capable of doing 16bit yet, it converts to 8bit. You can see that, when you open the original file ( for those who are interested) and the gimp-saved one in cinepaint. Under image it says 8bit unsigned integer for the gimp file.
I guess I will write a bug report on this…won’t hurt. And as it is in cinepaint which is open-source it shouldn’t be too hard to implement…at least for the pros :wink:
I will stick to the workaround till then.

Hi knekke,
I wrote a patch which adds 16bit sgi read support to Blender. You can download diff file from here Tested with your example image - everything seems to work

Hi knekke,
i wrote a patch to add 16bit sgi file format support to Blender. You can download diff file from there: It should be applied to 2.49 version of Blender. Tested it with your example file - everything seems to work

Will this patch make it into the official trunk?

Yes, I submitted it to patch tracker and hope to get it into official trunk

You made my day! Works like a charm :slight_smile: