Import 2D drawings/paths once again

Few months ago I asked about help in import 2D drawings from AutoCAD (dwg/dxf) to Blender. I tried many methods but without good results. Sometimes was totally nothing, sometimes I received damaged drawings in Blender. I tried to create .ai files but I received error message in Blender. I hoped that new version - 2.40 will solve this problem, but nothing changed :frowning: It is one of most important functions in 3D software (earlier was missing undo in Blender). If you have any patent for this - please share with me and many other people in need.

For elaborated ACAD 3D scenes try 3DS format, ACAD can export this kind of files. And Blender can import 3DS files.

For 2D drawings:
Only Points and lines in ACAD DXF12

Keep your acad entities in “round” coordinates (not imprecises coordinates) and it’ll be easier to work with them in Blender.

If some lines may be accidentally displaced after importing in Blender, however they will keep a precise distance from their original place, so move them back holding Ctrol key.

This is a Blender screenshot just after a DXF import, some objects are displaced, but as I said before, they keep a precise distance from their original location, so I move them back holding Ctrol key.

Extruding imported objects, a bit of work here and there, a few hours after…

Thank you for answer. Your effect of importing looks very good.
But one thing is not clear for me - probably because I am not ‘master’ of AutoCAD :slight_smile: (I receive finished 2D projects in DWG). Can you write more about ‘round’ coordinates? How to check that projects I received is done that way? If not how to fix it?
Best regards…Rafal

By round coordinates I mean
absolute coordinates of ACAD entities (lines, points, etc) must be like (X=2.150 Y=3.10) and not (X=2.13526, Y=3.41250)
In that way objects will be inserted according with Blender grid, therefore will be easier to work with them in Blender

Many CAD drawings are started from an aleatorian point on the screen, those drawings are likely to have their entities placed in imprecise coordinates, despite the fact that leght of those entities (lines) may be precise.

To place your acad entities in round coordinates, pick them up taking as base a known point (end of a line) and drop it on a rational absolute coordinate (0,0) for instance.

There is an ACAD command to know coordinates of a given point but I don’t remember which one.

I hope you know what I mean

Thank you for aswer, now Ihave to do some tests :slight_smile: And if you could recall name of this command it would be great :slight_smile:
Best regards…Rafal