import 3DS

when you import is the texture and color imported or just the mesh ob ojects
is thre another script that can do more then the one in Blender?


I take it you didn’t do a test yourself Ricky? :frowning:
Simply texture mapping the default cube, exporting as a 3ds then re-importing would have told you this

Anyway -
Yes, the material’s colour is imported along with the object.
Yes, the material’s texture is imported along with the object.

Another importer that does more than the one that comes bundled with Blender?
Dunno - why, what’s no good about the one that’s already there - what is it you’re trying to do?

i used the normal import object

but there was no material and no color or texture with it

may be i have to import the material too - i’m uncertain how to use it
why i don’t get the material when i import the object


I’m not too sure why it doesn’t work for you RickyBlender.

I’m using SVN version of Blender - 2.45.13 & 2.45.14 - these both work okay.

Here is what I tried:

  1. Open Blender
  2. Select cube and change material colour to red.
  3. File->export->3D Studio (.3ds)…
  4. Delete cube
  5. File->import->3D Studio (.3ds)…

Everything okay - I now have a red cube on the screen.

Perhaps you have an old version of the 3ds import script?
Here are the scripts current as of yesterday:

Just place them into your scripts directory. (C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender\scripts on my machine in windows)

Vous avez raison - il faut toujours se comporter comme un gentleman.


if you nedd some GEM cuts here it is try it and let me know if you got color?

i’v downloaded some 3DS files of GEMs cuts
i’v assumed that they had colors ut i may be wrong
may be these files don’t have color and textures it’s possible


i downloades ome 3DS file
and tthe differente elements of the model where all over the place

have you seen taht before
i tried again yesterday night with a mosquito model
if you have a chance to try it let me know!

i tried it late this night and even the new import script you provied did not seems to worl with the moskito
3DS file- sorry


I tried Round_Ovals.3DS from the lapidary site - the models did turn out grey, BUT they do actually have a material applied - it just doesn’t work very well.

The material’s had Col (r,g,b) = 0.6, 0.6, 0.6
A default Blender material has (r,g,b) = 0.8, 0.8, 0.8

I also got Lightwave-36 cuts, this one has materials that seem to work better, but still not properly. I guess that’s the best we can do - we must still make our own materials, or import them from the Blender Material Repository.

Yes, I have also had problems with ‘exploding’ models - it is a problem because the model has not had “Apply Scale and Rotation” applied to it in 3DS. When you scale something, the scale changes right? When blender imports something, it sets the scale back to 1.0 - If you(they) don’t apply the scale before saving, blender makes a bit of a mess of it. (Blender does this automatically when you export to 3ds)

I often find that each part of a model shares the same centre - although the parts are all over the place, they haven’t moved - they’ve just been scaled. Sometimes I am able to fix this problem simply by scaling each part of the model. (usually not though)

** Get a copy of GMAX from turbo squid - this will import 3ds files (since it’s just a free, cut down version of 3dsmax for game-asset creation. You also need to find the .OBJ export script somewhere, I don’t know or have it myself. GMAX should allow you to import and fix the models that don’t work properly in blender. If you have problem getting key from turbo squid, there’s a Flight simulator forum somewhere that gives you the key or a keygen (GMax is pretty old, some people report trouble getting a key from turbo squid) **


i try to play with the scale and see what happen

but how did you managed to see that there was color values in 3DS files?
and you did tell me where you got that french


Sorry - don’t know how I missed that question. Um, I don’t speak a word of French! I know a couple of words of german, but French - nothing. I used the english version of Google language tools: English French

1.) dutchroseRnd.3ds with included material
2.) dutchroseRnd.3ds with material deleted, and a new one created

GMax is made by Discreet (people that used to make 3DS) and will load .3DS files

Here’s GMAX Download (19mb)
GMAX --> .obj converter:

Just have to find a registration key (GMax is old and free, but no longer supported)