Import 3dsmax camera animation infos..impossible!!??

There must be some quick, easy and 100 percent correct way to import 3dsmax camera and its animation into blend, right??

I would really love to know how the heck i can accurately import camera animations and information into blender3d. Thus i can actually take advantage of this promising software.:spin:

you can only import 3DS meshes/objects…I guess?!

*.3ds used to port camera and lights info, but can’t remember till what extent.

Another way I can think of is -maybe- attaching an skeleton of a bone to the camera, and maybe exporting as MD5 , using der_ton ( , modelling and editing forum section) plugins.

I dunno if vrml format could be of some help if not…

If You want exact results, You have to bake Your camera animation in max and then use the Collada format to bring this animation into blender.