Import a "profile" in Blender 3D

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone knew how to important a “profile” (ie. a working drawing) into Blender from which I can model from. If you take a look at step 1 of this tutorial you will see what I mean:

The tutorial is designed for Wings 3D, but I wanted to know how I could accomplish the same thing in Blender - there must be a way. All I am doing is importing this image file into the 3D viewport which I can use to help me model what I am trying to make (see step 1 of that tutorial).

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your time.


you can use the “background image” feature in blender
its locatet in the “view” menu…

but you can’t load multiple images in different views. Your link looks like a very
nice feature for blender :slight_smile:

Thanks for that! Its useful, although annoying it doesn’t work when you rotate the view. Its a pity Blender doesn’t have such a feature because its really useful when you’re trying to create accurate models.


its only a thought … but you can take some simple planes and put a texture on them, cause you can see the textures in 3D view (when textures are turned on)
but the displayed resolution of them is another problem…

might not work like in Wings3D

I repeat:THIS FEATURE WOULD BE VERY NICE IN BLENDER :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip. I tried that but couldn’t get the image to appear on the plane at all. I’m in the “Textured” mode (and have tried the other modes) but have had no luck. Is there another option that I need to change somewhere else?


Sorry to bring up on old thread but I wondered if, with any of the new versions whether or not such a feature was now in Blender 2.44?
Unfortuantly the above tutorial link doesn’t work so I have created an image of what I am referring to below. This feature works in Wings 3D and the image can be viewed from any angle whilst moving the mouse to model around the image.
Any ideas?
Many thanks,

Just create a plane and stick you image to it, switch to textured mode, et voila !
Texture using UV mapping is required but it is very quick to unwrap a plane !