import AI2OBJ script updated : 2005/7/11

The ai2obj script can read illustrator 10.0 non packed export .

just a test on an illustrator 10 example file .
in illustrator:
edited curves :
in blender :

jms once again you’ve outdone yourself… thanks for another lovely and o so usefull script :wink:

PS: Oh… eh… how about export??? hehe

Also… not a point of critisism but a request… you have a lot of great scripts… but I personally find it quite hard to find them on your site since I speak very little french… would it perhaps be possible for you to add an english menu to your site??? If not or if you simply don’t want to I understand :wink:

There is yet a english index :

Two problems corrected on points which end and close the path

Version 0.1.7b
Little problem with S (Stroke) code which does not closepath as the s one

Version 0.1.7c :a new little change on the lineto command .

Problem :

BPy error: Callback call failed!
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 442, in fonctionSELECT
  File "", line 399, in scan_FILE
KeyError: 'F'

Sorry .

Corrected :

updated :