import all files at once - how to

i’m trying to import models done in formZ and exported as .lwo (LightWave) … however, i have exported “by color” and i have quite few files under a directory. is it possible to import all the files from one directory at once without importing them one by one?
thanks for help/suggestions!a

The lightwave importer doesn’t seem to support mutiple objects at a time. The Wavefront format works though. Just select the first item as usual, then right click (left click if you’re using the default mouse configuration?) the other obj’s and hit OK. All the objects are processed one at a time. obj format has other advantages as well including color, rotation, scale and location support. obj also retains the UV mapping coordinates. Hope that helps.

ok. thanks, i tried .obj … doesn’t work for me … so maybe i’m doing something wrong … you sure you selected multiple .obj at once and import them in one session? thanks, a (i use 2.37a on windoze machines)

Just tried with 2.37 on XP and again no problem. Don’t know. Are you high-lighting the files you want to import? Maybe try a simple test of only two objects first, see if that works? All I did was use the default import script under the file menu and select an .obj with the left mouse button. Then I highlighted the first selection and selected a couple more .obj’s with the right mouse button and hit ok.

still not working, i’m doing everything “per suggestions”, however does not work … i got a wierd shape importing the .obj all at once … so might be the python/blender translator got “lost in translation” … or fZ exporter as .obj is crappy … thanks for help … i’ll figure out something … a