import and export models


I model currently some objects which I need in more that one scene. So I create for each object a blend file. But now I’ve problems to create a scene and import this objects. If I export it as dxf and import it into another blend file sometimes the coordinates of the object are “messed”. Should I “put” the sub parts of the objects together before exporting it as dxf? Or do you use another format as dxf? Isn’t it possible to use blend as import file?


you don’t have to change the format, just hit shift-F1 and browse for your object that you want to append. it helps to give the objects you plan on appending a recognizable name in the object field of the edit buttons, and if you need to append multiple objects, you can use shift-RightClick, or you can also append a whole scene. remember to name your scenes in a recognizable way as well.