Import and Vertex Colors

(Hos) #1


Are there any examples of import scripts out there that
import vertex colors?



(yann) #2

I tried to do that in my script today, but it didn’t seem to work. I could put colors in the meshes but it didn’t activate the coloring itself. Let me know if you get it working!

(jms) #3

There is a bug in the uvmapping coords (!!).
Try the scorpius’ web site, he gives the good method to solve this but I don’t remember in what file.


(Hos) #4

Thanks jms, that tip did the trick!

To yann: here is an example script that creates
a mesh with vertex colors (it plagerizes heavily from
the work of Strubi and Scorpius):

After running the script you have to press the vertex paint
button to see the colors – anybody know why they don’t
show up automatically in Z-mode? (I’m a vertex color newbie.)



(yann) #5

Thank you for the example. Unfortunately, it stops at the has_col line with an AttributeError. Other than that, it did work as you described. I can’t personally see why the UV coordinates should be necessary, but it seems Blender 2.25 has some confusion between textures and vertexcolors - the Make/Delete buttons seem to think they’re mutually exclusive, which they really are not.