Import autodesk FBX with materials

I am looking at importing a file from revit (a friend has revit and I want to receive files from him to render in blender). I found the following link that says is supported:


  • Cycles and Blender-Internal materials (depending on engine set).
  • Color: diffuse, specular, ambient.
  • Shader settings: shininess, transparency, emit, reflect.

I cant seem to get the materials to come in though. The weird thing is that the autodesk fbx converter/viewer doesnt seem to show the materials, yet my friend said when he takes it into 3ds max, they are there! Any ideas?

Does anyone have a revit file they have exported (with materials) that I can use as a test file?

nobody? If materials can’t be imported, that page should probably be updated!

My CAD artists are impressed with Blender, but it is quite a hamper to have no textures. It would be nice if Revit Walkthroughs were imported as camera paths as well.

What I have noticed is that when you Export an FBX from Revit, it generates one single file.
When you import this into 3d Studio Max it unpacks the fbx file and creates a folder where all the materials are located.
But I have not managed to get materials into blender. Mind you this is my third day using blender.