import blender file to present file

Is there a way to import blend file obj to a active file import toy or human figure.
It was in knowledge base shift f1 (append) to import the obj
but somehow i dont get the obj into the screen?

when you import an obj file, its really huge. you need to zoom out a lot and scale it down. also, you might need to select file>>import>>obj because im not sure if append works with files other than .blend.

Hi orion ,it a .blend file with an obj inside which i would like to import
i can see the material being imported in the mat folder but not the obj
,also i couldnt locate the file>import>obj selection??the only thing i get is file import xml,dwf and etc…but No obj text…
maybe i using the latest blender 2.36 which may have left that out??
thks for yr time buddy

it would be best if you installed python, then reinstalled blender 236. you will see the import / export features come back. you will also see the help become more functional as it needs python to open the webpages.

I’m a newbie but I learned that from experience

btw , not all obj files import with a huge size. I’ve imported several and they were the size I expected. might depend how the modeler (person) liked to use the space in the 3d environment.

I have had some problems texturing or coloring an imported model, it just wouldn’t let me change the colors of the meshes. wierd.

It’s File >> Append (or Shft-F1) >> Your.blend >> Object >> YourObject.