import blender file


Is it posable to import data from blender file’s in to a GL program and if it is posable what are the limitations (static vs animated etc.). I am trying to gather information on solutions for a game.

I am still new to programming, have been trying to lean a language for years. So far all I have been able to remember is how to code a Hello World app in C and C++! But I do have a good understanding of programming in general.



This is a bit off topic since it sounds like your trying to use blender to make content and export to an external engine?

If so then yes - Normally you export blender data to some file format an external game engine uses - like MD5, FBX, OBJ, 3DS.
Animations can be exported also. For example Unity3D supports FBX exported from blender to run in their engine.

You can also write to your own format that you invent to do whatever features you want to support.

If your new to all this though Id recommend using the blender game engine. Its quite good for getting things up and running without a lot of debugging thats involved when making your own engine.