import BrushSet (addon)

excellent thanks!

Looks very interesting way man :slight_smile:
I was thinking some Categories would be useful, because if I have more assets it become very difficult to scroll through all of them.
In that way your offer could solve it.
The only one disadvantage is - texture previews are gone. From properties editor you dont know what asset includes and you dont know if you should move forward or backward :slight_smile:
(By the way - moving on timeline or via arrow key (to move in frames) change texture in texture properties, but brush draws still first frame I had to change value in offset field instead, that works.)

If we talk about these hacky things … I found probably easier way …

  • let open one editor as “File Browser” type, display textures as “icons”

  • drag and drop texture (you want use in brush) in 3d view. Like this texture is loaded in blender.

  • now you have to only select that texture from “Image” list (texture properties).

I tried to drop texture directly to texture “source” field in hope the path to current texture became overwrite by dropped one, so it would be directly ready to use, but it doesnt happened :frowning:

I would expect this addon as default one. I tried to manually create three brush textures and almost died to do all setup … uf. Thank you very much again. Very helpful.

When I pressed plus button I expected texture I want to add from browser will be added to use.
Big mistake :slight_smile:

And as I wrote in post above ability to have “categories” would be really appreciated if somebody is able to do this magic :slight_smile:

nice to see that some still use this addon:D
yeah the whole texture thing can be quite cumbersome in blender, especially if you are new to it, im curious what 2.8 has in store for us on that front.

as for the categories, im not sure if its possible with an addon to change that messy texture container thing, but if so its a lot of work and im currently not up to such a task.
however it might be worth that you check out the blender cloud functionality it has some (as far as im aware) nice texture archive and i think it also comes with categories.

OK, Thanks for answer :slight_smile:

(Categories on cloud - thats not solution :slight_smile: I was thinking about like Asset manager thing. even clod does not use any brush package, but thats not a way for effective switch between brush textures. As you said - in hope 2.8 will include something. I can’t imagine how system like now can be used. Probably I missed something …)

the search function is your best friend if you use a lot of textures, of course that only works with non generic names…

AS far as I can tell, asset manager is just making folders for your defined categories and placing the assets there - you can do that with sorting your brush textures into folders yourself under categories you feel are descriptive enough and then call them in as a folder with this addon, right?

Except last few words “call them in as a folder with this addon.”

Probably the best answer would be “try it”.

In AM you select category (folder) and on second click you select asset (brush).
Just few pixels next each other. Paint.

In your way you go to file / import / brush set, navigate to a right folder, click import and after that (traveling in cascade of menus) you go to search for some brush that is somewhere in long list (slowly displayed icons) of previous sets of brushes that you load previously.
Try it a few times … sorry

Kromar, will you be updating this for 2.79? I notice it isn’t in the contrib folder right now. Saw this thread a few times now, and assumed it was the same as the one I got earlier but thankfully I see the github page link. I am reading it now to see what I can learn from it, and see if there is any way I might help.

ambi, your solution works really well for designating the folder and for removing those no longer in use. I am playing around with it now to see how it works with multiple changes, and so far I like the way it works. The weakness of the other addon was that you flood with images but can’t really get rid of them well.

hm i was not aware that it was removed from the contrib addons, i will check on that. since i have not used it myself in quite some time i was not aware of any issues. so i will check if theres something that needs to be fixed.

i checked the contrib repository and the addon is still in there and it seems to work, so please let me know if you have any specific issue with it so i can look into it.