Import Brushset

I wanted to do some painting in Blender, especially now when they are making some nice work at Texture paint mode.

Anyway, I don’t know how to import brushes. All the tutorials out there, are going same way. Preference -> Add-ons -> Import Brushset. The problem is that i can’t find “Import Brushet” (not the only one).

Tried to download manually, it is missing from official website:, but i found it on some guy dropbox. When i tried to load .py in, i get warning that “multiple addons use same name”. So basically, “import brushset” is there somewhere, but i can’t see it.

What is going on? How to import brushes?

I keep a copy on my dropbox, and there’s a link out there soemwhere, so it may be mine you got. FTR I have no involvment in the writing of the add-on, although it’s great it and I use it all the time. There was just a bunch of dead links out there so I added a dropbox version.

Import Brushset add-on on dropbox

  1. Take a look and see if it’s already installed. File->Import-> (Is brushset listed?)

No? 2) See if you can find it in the add ons gui in blender, delete it and re enable it. File->preferences->Addons use the search box for ‘brush’

  1. Go digging around your add on directories, It may be that you installed in into an old blender version. It’s different for different systesm. Win 7 has it is c:\Users\joe\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.70\scripts\addons

If it’s in there (or in an older version just copy and paste it into the most recent blender version.

Thank you for your help. I managed to load .py into Blender. Even though i got that warning, when i restarted Blender, Import Brushset appeared, and everything is fine now.