Import camera animations from other softs ???

Is there a way to import camera anims froms other softs like max, maya or xsi ?
the exporters I tried usually dont import cameras.
I dont need the camera settings, just the animation .
I saw that collada could do this but the collada max plugin is a big bug, the collada exports from xsi are empty in blender …
So, have you some tricks to achieve this ?

isn’t there a way to import rotate, position ans scale anims to blender ?
If the export format doesn’t import cameras, I can convert it to a cube or empty and then paste the ipos to cam, but no import format I tried seem to import anims …
Vrml should do this but it doesn’t work, it also doesn’t work with a .3ds that is animated !
We also tried collada from maya but it opens empty files !
So, please tell me if there is a trick …