Import character during a Game?

Hi. I am developing a fighting game and I want my files to be smaller. Is it possible to make a blend file with game characters (like Characters.blend) and import some of them to a fighting arena in another blend file (like PracticeArena.blend) during a game?
I know, that I should use some Python scripts, but I cant realise what to write. If it this possible, will it import armatures, objects, meshes, actions and logic bricks attached to my character (by character I mean parent Armature)? Will it keep parenting?
Now I have in all arenas all characters in second layer and I am using the add object actuator to add player and enemy character to arena layer, and these files are BIG.
So I think with importing would by my files much smaller.
Thanks for your ideas, folks.

sorry, that is not possible.

The runtime just loads everything it needs at startup.

I have recently requested that the executibles would be able to dynamicaly load textures and sound… guess I should have added appending from other blender files.

Great idea you have, too bad it wont work with the current game engine.
I sure wish it did.

My exe files are too big too, they all share the exact same textures, yet I cannot have the textures in an external folder, they need to be packed in every EXE file :frowning:

For my load and save game, I want to have screenshots and have the load screen have little thumbnails. but the GE cannot load the textures this way :(. The EXE file must be restarted for it to take effect, and I am quite certain that I need the textures packed.

There should be a way to do this when Charlie (Snailrose) implements Ogre as the rendering engine. Not sure about the most current test build, but one of the earlier ones, had folders that had an external model file where it was loaded into blender (ie: a suzzanne object).

So I’m assuming it would be possible with the coming Ogre+Blender GE. Although don’t quote me on that.

Jason Lin

Thanks for help, guys. I was afraid, that it is not possible :(.

I didn’t realize that it wasn’t possible, I’ve read people here talk about having different levels in different files, does that just mean each file has a “copy” of the game with a different level, or what?

yes and they use a save/load script, to transfert data between the file