Import cinema 4d to blener

i was using cinema 4d r19
i was created a jar in cinema 4d (jar and lids are separate) and export as stl and obj format .
butt when i import in blender the jar and lids are not separate, they are attached
I have created separately in Cinema 4d
And they should also be opened separately in the blender
But this is not happening.
so tell me how i solve this problem

Did you mean obj and mtl, because stl is another format and i can’t think of any use to export it in two different formats and then import those two (would end in double objects)?
On the other hand: obj is pure ascii. You can look at it and there should be something like:

o jar
v 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000
usemtl jarmat
o lids 
v 0.0000 0.0000 1.0000
usemtl lidmat

i was created in two formats for my customer
my customer required stl and obj format
i was created in cinema 4d and now i am using blender
when i need to edit model after a long time i import stl file in blender butt the lids are not separate
and same with obj format .

Export from Cinema as alembic or collada should work.

i try butt the problem not solved

IDK Cinema 4D but in blender if you export different objects in STL they are merged into one object .
So in blender you have to export them separately. I think the STL-format is not made for using multiple different objects. In contrast to OBJ and as suggested from @roobol COLLADA and ALEMBIC which are made to take account of different objects )
Because if you exported them separately as jars.stl and cones.stl i don’t think blender would merge them.

Ahhh I see now : look at WikiPedia for STL:

STL was invented by … The format was developed for 3D Systems’ first commercial 3D printers.

It’s not made to store different objects !

thanks allot its done