Import curved text to Blender

I’ve had this problem for quite some time but usually got a loop around it. But not this time…

I need to import a text logo that has been converted to curves. I’ve tried DXF but that loads a big mess that would take ages to clean up. It seems the problem is letters like o, b, a, q that have vector areas with openings. This is making me crazy.

I’ve tried EPS, AI (thats never worked), dxf and svg. I’m working on 2.49 - dunno if this problem has been fixed in 2.5.

Maybe someone has found way around this by using another 3D package as a converter?


Personally, I’ve found that by the time I get a decent conversion, and do the inevitable cleanup, it’s often easier & quicker to just re-create from scratch with an image as a background to trace.