Import curves from FBX (or any other method)


I have an FBX exported from Maya that contains some curves.
When I try to import it into Blender the curves seem to be replaced by empties.
Anybody know what I’m doing wrong?
If not is there any workaround to import nurbs/bezier curves to Blender?

Thanks in advance

poolCurves.fbx (46.8 KB)

I dunno if the FBX format can do curves.

First test: import it back into maya and see if the curves are there.

Yeah fbx definitely supports curves. I can reimport them into Maya.

Hi there, I have the same issue I can import the FBX with Curves from Maya to Blender, but I only get empty objects or groups or how it is called in Blender ;-D. Are there any solutions for importing an FBX file with NURB curves.
kind regards

Can you try a different intermediary file format? Does .ply support curves? How about alembic?

@meshonline Does your better FBX importer/exporter support curves?