Import .dae files from Sketchup

Well, while trying to import any model from sketchup i can see that it displays each face as a different mesh, even if the sketchup file is a component or a group. Any idea about how could i eliminate those redundant vertices?

Sketchup models usually come in really bad. You can try to select everything in edit mode and remove doubles, but this doesn’t help much. Also, try to align the normals (Ctrl + n), which sometimes helps. The best thing to do is open the model in Sketchup and export it as an .OBJ if that’s possible (will the free version allow this?).

a free version doesn’t have the obj export built-in, but you can use a plugin (and as it’s possible to find the plugin on some very official website, i think that it’s legal). I use the objexporter plugin.

You can have it on sketchucation :

However, even as the export seems to work very well, i also seem to lose the names of the components. You still have different components, but they have a generic name.
I am not sure of that, i found that while i was using it in jmonkeyengine, so maybe it’s just a problem on this side.