Import .dae to blender HELP

I have a few .dae models I want to use in blender but cannot for the life of me find out how to import them! I am using Blender 2.6.3 on Ubuntu 12.4 LTS. I have tried sourceforge and using the .py plugins but they do not import to the preferences, and there is certainly no Collada option in ‘import’ or in the user preferences!

Why are other people & versions of Blender able to do this but mine doesn’t?
has the method changed? Does it no longer support .dae? I thought 2.6.3 was supposed to come with collada support!

Someone please help me! :smiley:

On the “stable” and now old 2.63a from (and even on latest buildbot versions), there’s dae listed in the File -> Import by default without downloading additional scripts or enabling new addons :