Import DazStudio characters into Blender !

It’s a while now I am playing with DazStudio (It’s free !!!) and I finally decide to try to import characters from this nice product. DazStudio allows to export in OBJ format together with textures and bump maps, really great. It is quite simple to import the OBJ file into blender but unfortunately it is necessary to reassign all the textures. By the way, once this work is done, the result is quite nice and Ambient Occlusion or better Yafray may help to get great results.

Here are some tests, to be improved to get them more realistic.

DazStudio does not allow the creation of models, so this one is based on a premade model of course (I used Victoria 3 with some free morphs and maps).

Here is the link to the Daz3D web site if you would like to download DazStudio :

Bloody Efing amazing!

Agreed, really very nice, one of the best things I’ve seen on here recently.

My only crit and it looks like a painful one is that it appears that her arm may be going through her back, not sure though. Despite this little minor thing, its really great.

Is this a commercial??? This is not FREE!!! Blender is Free…Why is there a big credit card thingy at the bottom…

The credit card thingy is for Bryce and I’m assuming mimic. DAZ is free, you just have to register to get it (like the trial of Maya).

Trust me, it’s free and they encourage users to promote it as a free product. BTW, the program is free and some content is provided as sample but you have to buy characters, clothes, props, … You may find some free stuffs on DAZ3D (Victoria 3 base and Michael 3 base, not sure it is still the case) and on renderosity web site,

he’s right, daz is NOT FREE, it’s simply freeware. blender is free. quite a difference in fact.

otherwise it looks good. the cloth looks a bit weird though and the arm definitly goes through the back but that’s a common problem.

Ok, you are right it is not free as Blender is, you may just use it for free but it does belong to Daz company and no open source community may update it. :wink:

I updated the thread with a new image, you may see that arm goes through the back just because she is walking.

Makehuman is properly free though. :smiley:

How hard would it be to replicate this in Makehuman?


:x … i never like the cat-walk style of walking… i always feel like hearing the back crack all time :-?

Odjin: lol %|

THink this might not be in the right Forum…I dont know…The model looks awesome. Can you please explain more…err. Can you explain EXACTLY what the program does and is…

DAZ makes posable models for poser, DAZstudio is like poser in that you can set up armatures, pose poser (or obj) models and make slight transformations, neither program is a modeling program in itself. DAZ doesn’t create the models with there own software. It is a handy tool for animating characters but they still have to resort to other modeling software that exports obj’s.

enricoceric used a posable model “Victoria” most likely and added his own twist. (like make-human)

It is neat that there software is “free” (advertizing there pre-made models)
but in my opinion Blender’s animation tools are better.

hope that clears things up

So that’s a premade model, not one he made?

I think it would be polite to point that sort of thing out in the original post…

I agree…

Abviously as DazStudio does not allow to create any model, this is of course a premade one, even if this is an evidence it should be pointed, I will update my topic.

Abviously as DazStudio does not allow to create any model, this is of course a premade one, even if this is an evidence it should be pointed, I will update my topic.

Oh yes, so obvious, except you forgot to mention it doesn’t allow model creation…

Thanks for updating the first post.

Did any one know how to import animation from daz3d and rigged characters with bones? I tried to import but only mesh and material came in blender.

What about the license? Can we import and use Victoria 3 in Blender, and use it in commecial and non-commercial works, without violating any legal clause?

Come on guys, just go look yourselves about the licenses! He provided the direct links even. Iif you’re worried, you should use first sources to confirm it yourself anyway! :slight_smile:
And the model licenses depend on the author - Daz sells a lot of non-Daz works, although they develop their own models - and buy programs - too. Studio is about the only program they seem to have written from scratch. Although they are supposed to be upgrading the various programs they bought, its a slow go. I suspect the programming staff is size is very limited and/or outsourced.