Import DFX

Hi, I’ve been avoiding Blender because it’s so hard to use but I do need a good modelling program for Games and I don’t have a Maya budget.

I’m trying to find out if Blender can import CAD files and then use those to start building models. This is a workflow I use in SketchUp. I can’t find any tutorials on the Blender site about this but perhaps there are some elsewhere.

I tried importing a .dfx file into Blender but got error messages every time. I tried again with another file and the import appeared to work but there was nothing in the viewport or anywhere else I could see.

Does anyone know anything about importing CAD files? Why did I get error messages? If you can import CAD files can they then be used to build 3D models from as in SketchUp? Thanks.

here’s my point of view:
go to he game engine forum, download as much files/demos as you can ( you can use mine the way you want, but there’s many more), and use the already made models as a base/start !
And forget CAD/DXF?!!!