import-export settings required on objs between Mudbox and Blender?

Hello, if I create a mesh in Mudbox, save it as an obj, what are the correct import settings I should use when I bring it into Blender? And the correct export settings so I can return the mesh to Mudbox in a form that Mudbox will treat it no differently than mesh created in Mudbox?

I am finding that when I bring meshes in to Blender and return them to Mudbox there can be scaling issues. When I export from Blender at the correct scale I notice there are differences in how the Mudbox sculpt brushes work on the imported mesh (sculpt brushes seem too strong and not as smooth on imported meshes from Blender - subdividing doesn’t resolve it. I suspect there is an import/export setting in Blender I’m overlooking which is changing the structure of the mesh and making it difficult to work with once it comes back into Mudbox.)

I would greatly appreciate some pointers on the correct import/export settings. Thanks!