import/export tracks into VSE

How can i do that? Append or link doesn’t work with VSE clips. Or I just do it wrong.
For example, i have a blend file with a bunch of mixed audio clips and another one with a mixed video clip. How can translate audio tracks from one file into another?

You don’t really want to do that, doing so is likely to result in an 3rr0r. (Sorry I couldn’t resist). Eather render your sequence and import that directly or take the file with all the sequences in it and save it to a new name and go from there.

Yeah, you’re right :slight_smile: I don’t want to do that, don’t wan’t to do that, don’t want (repetatively with a zombie voice:) (it’s kinda weird expression in translation into russian, so i couldn’t resist also:)
And i tried to do that and didn’t get any 3rr0r :wink:
Well, thanks for advice, i thought it was possible.

Only works on a per scene basis. You can link or append a VSE scene from one blend to another, but it brings all the contents of that scene in, there’s no individual selection at link / append. But once the scenes in you can mix, move, delete individual files.

Might work depending on how you set your source blend files up, what you put in those scenes.

What’s the purpose? Why link / append in this case when you could just import into the VSE from a library of audio or video? Are you looking for the changes you make in one file to filter down into the others?

It’s easy enough to import some source files, edit them externally and use the refresh sequencer button to re read those external files. I do it with AVISynth sequence strips.

Ok, the reason why i wanted to do that:
I created a video clip with a bunch of effects and mixing tracks so it’s quite complicated (i didn’t want an audio track for that moment). Rendered that out into a dvd file.
Than i realized that it needs an audio track. So i created another blend file where i put that rendered video clip from the previous one (for time sake, cause it would render times faster without any VFX). And started mixing audio track from several audio files, cutting them, blending one into another, etc.
Than I desided to change my video sequence composition which i need to edit in the first file, obviously.
Conclusion: i have one file with a bunch of mixed video tracks and another with a bunch of mixed audio tracks. So i don’t want to do my work twice while rendering the changed sequence in the first one and importing it into second one.
The end :slight_smile:

Ok, the problems you’ve made for yourself is the reason why it’s always advisable to render out to image sequences , seperate audio tracks and then encode out in blender or Avidemux etc, then mux audio for delivery, rather than straight to DVD movie.

I think simplying your workflow rather than creating a link this scene into that etc would be a better approach.

Yeah, you’re right, i guess. Need to keep it simple. Thanks!