Import, export video and camera move keyframes

I hope I’m not getting too technical here, but I am hoping that someone will know how to export camera move keyframes into after effects, or import quicktime video with after effects camera moves into blender. Here is what I am trying to accomplish:

I have created an arial view of a city in after effects where the camera flies into the city. As the flyin occurs, the city comes alive by sequentially stroking paths which represent the city streets and blocks. I want to overlay blender objects [skyscrapers and other structures] onto the properties defined by the strokes.

For the curious who are reading this post and want to know why I want to do such a thing, here is the dilema created by importing a video file without the camera move data:

The ground rotation of the video in after effects is totally out of sync with the camera fly thru created in blender, ie, as you fly around the buildings created in blender the ground created in after effects seems to be rotating under the buildings, or alternately will remain stationary as you fly thru, giving the effect that the buildings are in motion while the camera remains stationary, resulting in a totally absurd and unrealistic effect.

My goal is to create a virtual city much akin to google earth profesional, but with detailed models rather than grayscale shells. The total effect will be that you fly into a blueprint that comes to life.

I think the sync would be easiest by importing the video into blender but do not know how to do it or if it is even possible.

Is this possible to do, or are there any freeware programs which will allow my project to be completed?

If someone is able to help me accomplish this, I will gladly create a video, pdf and html tutorial on how to create the entire project from start to finish and post them to the net.
Thanx, Rambo

Hey guys, I think I just found what I was searching for thanks to a link provided by forum Guru “Birras”. Here is the link:

This will give you a freeware program called “Wax” which is a video editing, compositing and special effects package capable of importing 3D models and compositing them into your 2d videos!

Many other really cool freeware packages available at this site also.