IMport/exporter for X-plane 10

Hi guys,
i am trying to find a simple way of getting x-plane 10 models into blender 2.6.

Now i know that there are solutions for x-plane 9 and blender 2.49, however i cant find a single solution for the latest versions of both programs.

Can someone attempt to open the attached file (x-plane 10 aircraft.obj) and then let me know what i have to do to get it into blender 2.6

just in case anyone is thinking i have alterior motives…this file is zipped because i cannot add it to this thread any other way. It does not contain a virus either…this is a genuine import/export issue between x-plane 10 and blender 2.6.

Essentially, the fastest way to create aircraft is to use x-planes own software called planemaker to build the basic model then export to blender for high detail stuff. (planemaker does not generate high quality 3d models hence the need to get the model into blender),

Whilst plane maker doesnt do a first class job of high quality 3d modelling, it does create the basic model very quickly and accurately, and most importantly, it generates all the required flight model data…which is essential to the final model’s realism in the simulator!

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try this file instead it has the model in it. the last one only had a texture file!

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Currently, it looks there is no import/export for 2.56x. Unless somebody rewrites this, you can use 2.4 to import and 2.5 to export (for xplanes v9?).
If file is imported, save and work in 2.6x unless there is no some Bone or Animation problem ( might be not compatible with older versions of blender). Only thing to take care of is Save As and check Legacy Format to not to loose mesh Faces.

It seems you can’t import it the direct way into 2.6x. Over on the x-plane forum they suggest using blender 2.45 or better AC3D:

agh…what a pain that is… blender 2.49 scripts only work for x-plane 9. I cant utilise x-plane 9 because i purchased x-plane 10 (i live in Australia and it isnt available as an online download so one has to wait upwards of 6 weeks for the cd set!)

Funny thing is, from what i can gather, AC3D importers arent written for x-plane 10 either!!! Hard to believe that Austin Meyer and Laminar research would be stupid enough to release software where there are no available importer/exporter scripts for its file format!

I think im going to have to email Austin directly and try to find out what the solution is for someone who doesnt have x-plane 9!

I would try it anyway, don’t think that all planes are version 10.
Look at the forums:
There are 2 versions of xplane2blender:
3.10 for blender 2.49 which can import/export
3.20 for blender 2.5-2.6x can only export.
you can find them here:
Then have a look at the video tutorials from danklaue (using 2.49):
Good luck!!

i have worked out a simple way around the problem with blender 2.6, thanks to help from u guys

one needs to use an intermediate program that will do the conversion from collada(and/or a few other 3d modelling formats) to x-planes .obj format and vice versa.

i downloaded AC3D and then went looking for, and installed its x-plane plugin (which took me about 2 flaming hours to find)…and voila…import and export 3d aircraft meshes between blender 2.6 seems to work fine.

i have not yet figured out how to import a full x-plane 10 file yet (there is some layering considerations with its models i still have to figure out) but most import to me is the use of planemakers aerodynamics modelling and predicted flight characteristic features.

all i want to do is be able to do the basic model in xplane the move across to blender for the advanced detailing…and to this end i think its all good.