Import fail of obj.-file to Blender

Hey Guys, I´m quite new in 3D-modeling.

So i sculpted a dragon head

and to get realistic looking dragon scales i wanted it import to blender(to texture it with cycles ect.). If i choose the obj. file of this Dragon Head the “import-window” closes and it happens … nothing :smiley: there is just the boring startfile-cube nothing else.
Im using Blender 2.67. The model was made with “sculptris” and exported to a wavefront(Obj.) file.
So now i dont know what to do D:

Hopefully you are able to help me !

Greets, Topper93

Did you ever manage to make this work? I have an obj file that is 1.1GB and cannot open it in blender it just closes blender but i desperately need it!