import for STP file in blender

is there any import script for STP file ?

or any other way to get 3D STEP file models to blender ?

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Download freecad, open up your .step file and export as .stl to get it into blender.

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i think I saw some thread a few months back
someone was trying to make a script for that

but don’t remember link

I know that some shape don’t exist in blender
so might not be 100 % compatible

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I’ve had good luck with this online converter:
Just upload the STEP file and the site converts it and, if wanted, will show an image of converted file.
There is no registration, just have to plug in your email address to get a link for the download.
I created a gmail address just for junk like this.

I do work on some projects which are confidential and cannot really share it or make public!

this soft clearly say that if you need to keep it private don’t send it !

but thanks for the tip

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