import freespace 2 (.pof) models in blender

i just downloaded the gtf apollo model via the freespace 2 scp, and i get a bunch of images (textures, i guess), a tbm file and a pof file. fromy understanding its the pof file that has the actual model. how do i get it into blender?

Go here:
download that. Conver the .pof file to .cob file. Blender can import those. You may or may not have to load the various textures. I dunno if that format supports textures or not.

In the future, use Google. I put your thread title into Google without the “(.pof)” part and got over 5000 hits. The solution was in the third hit. I’m guessing some of the other 5000 probably had similar content. Google.

Google google google. Google.

thanks i’ll look at that. i did google it, i must have put in the wrong keywords. thanks!

okay i converted to .cob, but .cob isnt on the import menu of blender. do i have to download a script separatly? on second thought, i’ll google it…:wink:

Isn’t a TBM file a Toribash mod?