Import from 3DMax to Blender problem

Basically when I import a .3ds model that was exported from 3dmax into Blender, the model itself is fine, but every object that I made in Max is separate in Blender.

The attached pictures show that in Blender there are many pink dots scattered all over the place. How can I model in Max or fix it in Blender so the whole model will have only one pink dot?(Im not sure what’s it called)


Just press CTRL-J after the import to join all the meshes as a one.

Oh thanks.

How do I center the pink dot in the middle of the grid in more precise way, like entering coords somewhere for X:0 Y:0 Z:0? Want it to be as precise as possible.

Hi ranko,

After joining the meshes together you can place the 3D cursor at 0,0,0
using the View/View Properties dialog. Then click Center Cursor button
in the Mesh Panel.

Hope this helps?

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Thanks, but that is for 3D cursor, that white-red circle.

I was talking about the pink dot, that servers as the origin point of the model.

If in edit mode you move a model around, a pink dot will be found under the model.
And back to the object mode if you select the dot and move it, the model moves with it.


Please try what I suggested. That pink dot is the objects Centre it’s pivot point.
If you place the 3D cursor at 0,0,0 then click Center Cursor your pink dot will
be positioned at 0,0,0.

Then if you open the transform panel with N key you can move your model
precisely using X Y Z.

Hope this helps?



Oh thanks.