Import from makehuman

hi everyone
I imported this rigged fbx from makehuman but it came in with a large model aswell
could someone please tell me what the 2nd model is and how to remove it before i continue to learn animating

thanks so much

Shane Animate .blend (3.7 MB)

Hi Shane,

I would like to ask You two questions:
a) which version of Blender do You use
b) which version of MakeHuman do You use

I downloaded Your file, but the combination of two base meshes and a not prpper linked skeleton makes it a bit “unusual”. Well, fbx often causes some issues, but this one? The bigger mesh is also on another angle.
So please tell me and I’ll try to figure out, what’s goin’ on.

gdsy Mike
I.m on blender 2.9 and the latest makehuman
not sure as i’m not on main computer sorry
if i have to redo my make human it won’t be hard
thankyou so much