import image as plane

I have imported two images as planes.
set to display to textured. I am using those images for reference.
If I use the z-key to toggle to wire frame my images also change to wire.
how to I set my reference images to stay in textured mode even when my model is in wire?

For reference images, I suggest using Background images. For blender 2.5: press , check Background Images, Add Image, and Set an Image. In an orthographic view (front, top, side,…) , the image will be displayed. Make sure, you’re not using perspective view (toggle with on numerical keyboard). hth

Background images aren’t very flexible.

I’d go for empties. You can set the display of an empty to Image in the Properties panel, then assign an image there. Even in wireframe mode image is still visible

WOW, thanks I will give that a try.
I am making the transition from another app. over to blender.
Still much to learn.
thanks again

If anyone else needs to know how to do this here is the link to a video over at cgcookie

Awsome feature Thanks Sago