Import images as planes addon for Z axis

Hello everyone I would need some help here.

So I have a stack of Data, layered as images, I exported them as single images for a total of 100 images.

  • I used the addon Import images as planes

( as you can see this images are imported as planes on X axis, I would like to import automatically adding them all stacked Z axis leaving an specific space between them, like next picture ) .

Is there an option which I am missing on this addon or a different way to do it maybe with the array modifier to insert different images automatically? Since doing all this manually could take me forever.

Any help will be appreciated it. Thank you in advance for comments.

Dont align images when import, then hit that code to text editor and run script.

import bpy

selected_objects = bpy.context.selected_objects
z = 0
for object in selected_objects:
    object.location.z = z
    z+= 0.2

Worked Amazingly!!! thank you 100 times!!

@JuhaW: That looks like a nice little feature that could be added to the Importer. Z-Stack.

Definitely agree with you Atom.

@Juha W, Thanks for that one!

It was not that hard to implement so I modified the original script to allow an end-user to choose X,Y or Z for the stacking axis for multiple images imported at one time. You can use this script and overwrite the official Blender 2.7 one. (backup original as you see fit).

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you are awesome! thank you very much Atom… Appreciate it…

Thanks for modifying the addon. Would it be possible to align in negative values as well?

Sure, why not. I have removed the minimum value of 0.0 from the property field. Now it is wide open, positive and negative values are accepted. I replaced the above posted script with this new modified one. Give it a try.

Useful enough to post in the scripts and themes folder!

Works like a charm!

Useful enough to post in the scripts and themes folder!

I added a link to this thread on the official page for the AddOn but the AddOn is old enough that the thread was closed. Not sure if it will be adopted or not.

Atom I’m sorry but where do I find this in the blender. I installed your version but can not find “import options”

File\User Preferences\AddOns.

You have to activate the AddOn for it to show up in the Import list. By default this AddOn is shipped turned off (IDKW).

Okay Addon had been enabled:

But do not know where to find this image.
I have a windows 7 and the latest version of blender. I removed the old addon.
Thanks for the quick response.

When you go to Import->images as planes (or click on shift “a” mesh->images as planes) a file browser window opens. That’s where the tab should be visible on the lower left side of the screen. If it isn’t, press “t” (as in tools) and it should magically appear, along with your bookmarks, recently used floders and other useful stuff.

thank you cegaton to reply. I see that now