Import images as planes addon is giving too bright result

I’m using import images as planes addon with shadeless option checked with 2.79 and 2.8.
2.79 is working as expected, giving right result. (Blender Render)
2.8 isn’t working as expected, giving wrong result (washed out) (Eeve and Cycles).
Opening .blend file from 2.79 with 2.8 and reimporting images as planes with shadeless option is giving right result. Same result as in 2.79) (Eeve and Cycles).

Tried to search what is happening. Didn’t find answer.

compine1 compine2


Are you using the same Color Management settings in that comparison?
Blender 2.8 uses Filmic by default (Base contrast).

Thanks. Indeed, Color Management was set to ‘Filmic’. Switched to ‘Default’ and got it working.