Import Images as Planes: Difference between Shadeless and Emit?

Hi, with the Import Images as Planes Add-on, what is the difference between the Shadeless and Emit options? I have read the definition and played around with them, but I can’t work out a functional difference between them. Thanks

Emit will emit light and cast shadow.

Shadeless doesn’t emit light and cast shadow. Only the camera will receive light/visibility of the shadeless object.

Okay I think the problem was that I was in Evee and the differences are harder to spot in Evee. So, Shadeless seems like it does cast shadows but doesn’t receive them? It also doesn’t receive light. Emit does emit light, but it’s not very noticeable in Evee? In Cycles the light emission is very strong.

Is there any way to have an image plane receive shadows from other image planes and objects, but not receive light from a Light object? E.g. so it can receive shadows but not get burnt out by a light. Thanks

Sorry for my English. What I mean is, shadeless doesn’t make other object cast shadow. Shadeless won’t act as a light source, it only emits light to the camera so we can see it in any lighting condition.

You can make an object shadeless
then duplicate it and make it a shadow catcher in cycles.
Put the 2 in 2 different collections.
Create another view layer
the first view layer will have the shadeless collection available.
the second will have the shadow available.
then use compositing.