Import Lightwave 2018 scene (sub-d still image) into blender 2.8 with BSDF materials intact?

user of Lightwave 2018 here. I like to try out Blender 2.8.

Is there a way to import a Lightwave scene into Blender 2.8 so that the geometry keeps its sub-d state and its material settings?
There are no UVs, animations, riggings etc. Just a static scene with an HDR Enviroment image and portal lights.
The materials are all the new BSDF ones introduced with LW 2018.
Running on Windows 10.

Thanks for help.

Not possible as though htey are “BDSF” materials, they won’t be constructed or coded the same way. It will keep the materials names, but that’s about it.

There is an importer of lightwave objects addon in blender, not scenes. However it only works in 2.79 it has not been updated to work in 2.80. It contains pieces of code that have been deprecated in 2.80 and it also only creates materials in blender internal format, that is no longer present in 2.80.

Also I believe that LW2018 changed it file format to 32 bits from 16 bits so it is unlikely that even the importer that works in 2.79 could read a LWO3 formatted file, it only supports LWO and LWO2.

The main difference is that LWO3 is fully 32bit with proper nested forms, instead of the 16bit subchunks in LWO2

This importer I feel might atrophy away I believe that the current suggestion is you export from lightwave in a standard format, like FBX or OBJ and import it into blender 2.80 that way. However it does seem to be a chance to loose some important information on every transistion.

I think you’re going to want to export from LW as FBX; and then save from blender as FBX to import back into LW. I was creating VBD grids in blender to import into lightwave and had some success with FBX, but I’ll admit my needs were limited to some motion paths and nothing to do with textures, so who knows what will happen there.

NewTek listed some better interchange in the new release, If you’re stuck with them for the long term you might try the new version.

Thanks all for you help.
@colkai and @Jockomo
FBX worked to get the scene in. You are right, the material names came over but the settings are lost. Anyway, at least I have the scene :+1:

This is usually always the case when transfer objects between different apps. If it’s not using a special bridge built between the two, like the new LW 2019 <-> Unreal bridge.

I didnt see the add on for LWO in Blender 2.8…was it taken out? I dont mind that its an older format, but its useful for me to not have to muck about with fbx.