import lightwave scene file?

is it possible? we bought a specific stock model for a work project ( i am an illustrator, and occassionally i get to use blender for projects ) but it had limited file types available. i figured i could import it as a lightwave file, but it is a lightwave scene file, which references the object files. i have been looking around online, and there do seem to be some file translators available for windows ( but i am a sad mac user / abuser ) which might output the scene file in another readable format, but i was hoping someone here might have some insight, or better yet, a tool to import it into blender? searching this forum brought up the same problem, but no solutions, alas. ( who says alas anymore? just me and pirates, i suspect. ) anyways, any help or suggestions would be appreciated , thanks.

jim ww

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anybody? having looked inside the scene file, it just seems to reference the objects files. if there was some way to import that information as a blender scene file, that would be useful. but i was hoping someone might have already considered that?
any programmers out there with any insight?

jim ww

At work right now. Shoot me some details. Do you have the model files that the scene file is referencing?

wow, i have been absent awhile.

i have had other people look at it, and it does seem to be a perplexing thing. i have all the referenced objects, and images, but no way to read the scene format. i have been looking at modo, as it has some support for .lws files, but it is a costly option ( compared to blender ) and may be more tools than i can use / need. i have a friend who owns a copy of lightwave, and he seems to think it can be exported as a single object file from layout, but is not certain. and i have not heard from him in awhile, as he has an industry job. the guy never sleeps.

gonna have to be more careful in the future, when buying models, even in compatible formats. i suppose building them myself is the only option… :rolleyes:

jim ww